Shire Green Roof Substrates Ltd

Shire Green Roof Substrates Ltd

In recent years Shire Green Roof Substrates Ltd has developed a series of substrates for green roofs. These substrates are blended using a mix of recycled materials to provide both an intensive green roof soil and an extensive green roof soil mix.


There is a growing interest in the application of green roofs both in the commercial sector and the DIY market. It has often proved difficult for individuals to access green roof substrates in quantities suitable for small-scale building projects. Shire Minerals offers a solution providing materials delivered in either m3 bags or in 25kg bags for ease of use. Substrate delivery will be arranged in accordance with the customer's preferences and quantities. Normally this is by truck with a forklift on the back so that the client need not worry about offloading the wagon.


Shire Green Roof Substrates Ltd is providing substrates for a number of the leading green roof companies and in addition to its standard engineered substrates it can also prepare substrates to customer specification. For larger contracts substrates could be delivered in bulk tippers, articulated wagons, by hiab or moffett type wagons.


Shire are constantly striving to ensure that our materials are from the most sustainable source possible. We are currently investigating a range of secondary aggregates that can be blended into good green roof soils/substrates, thereby helping to reduce the waste aggregate mountain. Some of these products entail recycling materials that were previously difficult to dispose of and have been treated to make then safe for use.


Shire Green Roof Substrates Ltd green roof soils/substrates:

  • Are sourced from sustainable sources,
  • are lightweight thus reducing the load on roofs,
  • provide aeration for plant growth,
  • are free draining,
  • contain the right balance of nutrients [i.e. low] to allow extensive plants to be grown successfully,
  • can allow herbs and sedums to be successfully grown in the soils depending on the depth the soils/substrates are applied,
  • have good water holding capabilities thus ensuring that a good percentage of rainfall is retained within the growing medium that can be used by the plants or released into the atmosphere through evapotranspiration.
  • use various aggregate types including crushed brick, aircrete and fired clay pellets, with others in development.

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